SPP holds meeting to promote campaigns to protect enterprises and people’s livelihoods

en.spp.gov.cn| June 17, 2024


The Supreme People's Procuratorate (SPP) convenes a meeting to promote campaigns on the procuratorial protection of enterprises and people's livelihoods, on June 17.

The Supreme People's Procuratorate (SPP) convened a meeting on June 17 to promote campaigns on the procuratorial protection of enterprises and people's livelihoods. Tong Jianming, Deputy Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and First Deputy Prosecutor General of the SPP, presided over the meeting.

Tong emphasized the need for procuratorial organs at all levels to intensify efforts to implement the campaigns in order to enhance the quality and effectiveness of procuratorial work in better serving high-quality social and economic development.

During the meeting, Ge Xiaoyan and Gong Ming, Members of the Party Leadership Group and Deputy Prosecutors General of the SPP, put forward specific requirements regarding the implementation of the campaigns.

Miao Shengming and Shi Weizhong, Permanent Members of the Procuratorial Committee of the SPP, also attended the meeting.

Tong stressed the need for procuratorial organs at all levels to promote the campaigns with a stronger sense of responsibility.

He highlighted that the campaign to protect enterprises serves as an important vehicle for procuratorial organs to support the central work of the Party and the country as a whole. The campaign to safeguard people's livelihoods represents a practical measure for procuratorial organs to address the urgent needs and concerns of the people, he noted.

These two campaigns serve as specific levers for comprehensively deepening and advancing procuratorial work, he added.

Tong called for effective and high-quality supervision and case handling to ensure that the two campaigns yield tangible results. He emphasized the need to focus on creating a law-based business environment in promoting the campaign to protect enterprises, and the need to take more measures to benefit the people and strengthen legal supervision over law enforcement and judicial efforts while promoting the campaign to safeguard people's livelihoods.

Cases related to enterprises and people's livelihoods must be handled in a targeted and effective manner, with a focus on both individual cases and supervisory measures for similar cases, promoting litigation source governance, he said.

Tong also emphasized the importance of unified and comprehensive performance of duties, implementing mechanisms such as lawful supervision and internal information transfer, and effectively utilizing cross-regional procuratorial cooperation mechanisms.

He called for further efforts to strengthen the leadership of Party committees and government support, actively intensify cooperation with other law enforcement and judicial organs, invite participation of deputies to the People's Congresses and members of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, and increase publicity for the campaigns to allow the people to better enjoy fairness and justice.

Targeting the campaign to protect enterprises, Ge urged efforts to address problems such as law enforcement and judicial activities for the purpose of profit seeking.

She emphasized the need to effectively handle general criminal cases involving enterprises, strengthen supervision of civil and administrative litigation cases involving enterprises, enhance the function of public interest litigation by procuratorates, and steadily promote compliance reform in enterprises involved in cases.

Ge also called for efforts to dig deeper into information related to enterprises, improve long-term mechanisms, and provide proactive and dynamic services for various types of market entities to facilitate their high-quality development, striving to create a law-based business environment.

In his speech, Gong called for continuous efforts to protect the rights and interests of specific groups and enhance the supervision of key areas in the campaign to safeguard people's livelihoods.

He stressed the importance of effectively addressing the urgent needs and concerns of the people, innovating work mechanisms, and enhancing publicity, to ensure that the people feel a sense of fairness and justice.

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