Tong Jianming meets with delegation of the Supreme People's Procuracy of Viet Nam| January 23, 2024

Tong Jianming, First Deputy Prosecutor General of the Supreme People's Procuratorate (SPP) of the People's Republic of China, met a delegation led by Hoang Minh Tien, Director General of Department of Criminal Justice Statistics and Information Technology of the Supreme People's Procuracy of Viet Nam, in Beijing on Jan 22. 

Tong welcomed the delegation on behalf of the SPP. He said that China and Vietnam are both socialist countries under the leadership of a communist party and are close neighbors connected by mountains and rivers. As the relations between the two parties and the two countries continue to develop at a high level, the exchanges between the Chinese and Vietnamese procuratorial organs become increasingly close and their procuratorial systems achieve innovative developments in the process, making positive contributions to upholding and developing the socialist procuratorial system, according to Tong. 

Tong went on to briefly introduce remarkable achievements in China's development of the rule of law, which include the establishment of Xi Jinping Thought on the Rule of Law and of the socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics, and fruitful results in the country’s law-based governance, highlighting the criminal, civil, administrative and procuratorial public interest litigation as well as the application of information technology in and digital transformation of procuratorial organs. Tong said that informatization in procuratorial work represents an innovation by which procuratorial work is carried out, and the informatization development in Chinese procuratorial organs, where a comprehensive digital prosecution strategy is advanced, is a crucial part of the national informatization drive. 

Following the principle of "unified operation, unified handling, unified empowerment, and unified maintenance," the new Party Leadership Group of the SPP is actively building a digital procuratorial work mechanism that is"procuratorial affairs-oriented, data-integrated, technology-supported, and application-focused," to advance the modernization of the procuratorial work, which is closely aligned with the overarching political goal of accelerating the Chinese modernization, he noted. 

The Vietnamese delegation expressed appreciation for the visit and exchange activities organized by China's SPP and said they hope to comprehensively learn about the informatization development of the Chinese procuratorial organs in order to draw reference for the informatization development of Vietnamese procuratorial organs.

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